Your bargaining committee met with the employer Aug. 15, 16 and 17 at AUPEheadquarters in Edmonton to continue bargaining non-monetary items for your next collective agreement.

Slow progress was made over the three days, with the below two articles signed off.

Article 29, the grievance procedure

Improvements include the addition of a group grievance procedure, which is when two or more employees are affected by the same interpretation of the collective agreement, they can file a grievance together. An agreement to exchange all relevant information was reached too. This will help the union deal with grievances and prepare for arbitrations if necessary. The parties also agreed to an informal grievance step to help resolve issues before they become a written grievance.

Also, wage staff dismissed for disciplinary reasons can now take a grievance to arbitration after 24 months of employment. Members now have 21 days to file a formal grievance, instead of 14 days as well.

Article 19, call back pay

Modernized to keep up with technology to include more than telephone. Now covers email, text message, paging and other forms of communications.

Discussion around other non-monetary items occurred and will continue during the next rounds of bargaining, which are scheduled for Sept. 12, 13, 14 and 25, 26, 27.

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Your committee is dedicated to keeping you informed throughout the entire bargaining process. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of your committee with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

Local 001 – Faye Rever
Local 002 – Emille Currie
Local 003 – Mike Larson
Local 004 – Ken Weir
Local 005 – Randy Ramsden
Local 006 – Donna Smith
Local 009 – Darrol Mason
Local 012 – Terrie Wispinski

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